New creation


From May 18 to 21, 2019 • ADC


New Creation

Production : Ballet Junior de Genève

“It is a living essay around the small anatomy of the audition that is proposed. To their beating hearts, to their valiant bodies, the disembodied, dehumanized approach of a meeting 2.0 .

A no longer to touch, not to meet.

No longer to meet, no longer love?”

Olivier Dubois


Creation 2018 – on tour

Coming forth by day

June 26 & 27, 2019 • Teatro di Roma • Italy

Dubois, who was named one of the twenty-five best dancers in the world in 2011, has performed with the best in the business and presented his work on the world’s biggest stages.

Twelve years after bringing his first choreography to the stage, Olivier Dubois delivers an intimate solo that explores the recesses of the body’s memory and its ability to tell us the (hi)story of his art.

For this new show, he is alone on stage. Operating without any artifice or safety net, he is the consenting victim of a game reminiscent in turns of a court hearing, a peep show and a vivisection. Following a random process cued by the public according to previously established rules, the choreographer and dancer revisits some of the sixty shows in which he has taken part since the beginning of his career. Inspired by the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead (or Book of Coming Forth by Day), he embarks on a journey across a sea of dance fragments in search of the artist, scrutinising the performer’s body to find out what makes a masterpiece and reading the signs of destiny from his entrails. A star is reborn!


New Creation – On Tour


July 15, 2019 • Bolzano Danza • Italy

A new creation by Olivier Dubois, Tropismes is the third part of the project led by the choreographer around The Divine Comedy. Driven by the momentum of an irrepressible desire for life, the piece unfolds like a ballroom for two hours with a constant intensity and produces a real electrification of space. Mobilized to the extreme, the eight performers – four women and four men – form a vibrant organic constellation in search of a possible sun to escape the darkness of the night.



Le corps aimant

March 30 • MuCEM • Marseille

In partnership with Sciences Po Aix

Interactive performance led by COD interpreters in different areas of the museum. A danced performance, a poetic invasion of the urban space by the muffled power of the entwined bodies. To look at each other, to approach, to kiss, to embrace each other, to wear oneself, to seize oneself and then to quit … DANCE.

The participants will intervene randomly in a duet in the space of Mucem, before assembling within a big slow that will be danced every hour, transforming the museum into a huge dance floor.