Dance Company

Compagnie Olivier Dubois (COD) was created in 2007. It is currently in residence at Centquatre in Paris, where its director and choreographer has been an associate artist since 2012.

Creation & Dissemination

From 2018, the Company’s programme is revolving around 3 new creations, alternating between light forms and group pieces: Pour sortir au jour (Coming Forth by Day), a solo performed by Olivier Dubois (2018); Tropismes (Tropisms), a piece for 9 performers (spring 2019); and Itmahrag (Itmahrag), Franco-Egyptian production, born in January 2021. For 2022, COD will retake the choreographic poem for 22 dancer, Tragédie. 

Audience outreach, both in France and internationally, is a significant part of the Company’s work, which aims to present new creations as well as key works from its repertoire such as Tragédie (Tragedy) and Auguri.

Mediation & Amateur Dancers

The Company pays particular attention to the inclusion of amateur dancers, as witness the numerous workshops designed for a wide range of audiences (junior high school and high school students, young adults, etc.). One of the distinctive features of these workshops is that they aim to involve amateur dancers in the creative process leading up to pieces such as Mille et une dances (Thousand and One Dances), created during the 2017 Nuit Blanche in Paris, or Origami, which engaged with more than 1,000 lower grade and high school students from Roubaix.

Created by the Company in 2015, Les Mémoires d’un seigneur (Memoirs of a Lord) is aimed at amateur dancers performing with a changing choir of 40 men.

Being hosted by Centquatre and associated artist by Paul Eluard Theater and Nimes Theater enables the Company to consider new public outreach measures aimed at the local community, schools, colleges, high schools and universities modelled on its previous experiences.


2022   Tragédie new edit
2021    Itmahrag
2019    Tropismes
2018    Pour sortir au jour
2017    De l’origine
2017    7 x Rien
2016    Auguri
2015    Les mémoires d’un seigneur
2015    Mon Elue noire / Sacre #2
2013    Souls

2013    Elégie
2012    Tragédie
2012    Prêt à baiser / Sacre#1
2011     Rouge
2010    L’homme de l’Atlantique
2010    Spectre
2009   Révolution
2008   Faune(s)
2007   À nos Faunes
2006   Pour tout l’or du monde…