Outreach Events

Outreach Events

Public outreach is an important aspect of the Company’s work since its creation in 2007.

master classes
& workshops

Based on the works of the repertoire, Olivier Dubois and his artistic collaborators have developed a series of workshops and master classes.

Thanks to its residency at Centquatre in Paris, the Company is able to develop new outreach programmes aimed at local communities, elementary schools, high schools and universities in Paris and beyond.

In 2018/19, Olivier Dubois is an associate artist at Centquatre Paris, the Institute of Political Studies Aix-en-Provence and the Ballet Junior de Genève.


In 2018/19, Tragedy Extended and Auguri Extended will be implemented in junior high schools, high schools, conservatories and training schools (a.o. Ballet Junior de Genève, CNSMD in Paris, CNR in Lille and Fondazione Paolo Grassi in Milan).

These master classes are each concluded with a public presentation that enables participants to share the core principles of Dubois’s work with the audience.


As part of its workshops, the Company also provides training for trainers. Published by Réseau Canopé, Corpus/Chorus is the first work in the collection ‘Éclairer’ that looks at artistic creation through dance, more specifically through the works of Olivier Dubois. It has become a widely used tool for teachers wishing to develop choreographic events in their schools.


One piece of the repertoire, Les Mémoires d’un seigneur (The Memories of a Lord), is specifically dedicated to amateurs.

It brings together – in a professional setting – a group of 40 male amateur dancers around Rémi Richaud.

The production of this show follows a detailed protocol, from the call for applications (there is no selection process) to the stage. The protocol is monitored by the dancers of the Company and reiterated at each venue that hosts the project.



April 2020

Epsedanse – Montpellier

Workshops at the Epsedanse dance school in Montpellier led by Steven Hervouet, performer of “Tropismes” by Olivier Dubois


from March to May 2020

With the students of the Lycée Charles de Foucaud in Paris, at the 104

Workshops for 30 students from the Lycée Charles de Foucaud in Paris. 20 hours of artistic practice led by Marie Leca, interpreter of Tragédie, ended with a performance on May at the 104.


March 2020

Paul Eluard Theater - Bezons

Artistic project carried out with 150 amateurs in workshops with 2 interpreters of the Company, Karine Girard and Sébastien Ledig, and the choreographer Olivier Dubois followed by a restitution on March 21, 2020.


december 2019

Teintureries Ecole Supérieure de Théâtre – Lausanne

Workshops transmissions to  the “Teintureries Ecole Supérieure de Théâtre” in Lausanne led by Sandra Savin, interpreter of the emblematic piece of Olivier Dubois “Tragédie”



Workshops at Van Gogh High School in Ermont

Workshops at the Van Gogh high school in Ermont directed by Karine Girard, choreographic assistant of “Tropismes”, Sébastien Ledig and Léa Deschaintres, performers, and Estelle Corbière, choreographic notation. Performance on June 5, 2020


may 2019

Romain Rolland Middle School - Nîmes

Workshops transmissions to the students of the Romain Rolland middle school of Nîmes led by Filipa Correia Lescuyer, interpreter of “Auguri” followed by a performance on May 16, 2019

Tragédie Extended

From March to May

104, Paris

Workshops for 30 students from the Lycée Charles de Foucaud in Paris. 11 workshops of artistic practice led by Marie Leca, interpreter of Tragédie, ended with a performance on May 15 at the 104 venue.

Tropismes EXTENDED

April 6, 2019

CNR Houilles, Bezons

Workshops at CNR Houilles with 20 students from the School of Music of Bezons. Workshops of artistic practice led by an interpreter of the Olivier Dubois Company.

Le corps aimant

March 30, 2019

MuCEM museum, Marseille

“Le Corps Aimant”, performance with 10 students from the Institute of Political Studies of Aix-en-Provence and 40 amateurs at the MuCEM museum after 8 hours of workshops.


February 27, 2019


Intervention of Inés Hernandez, interpreter of the company for 15 students Master MEEF Courses ART’ENACT

Auguri Extended

February 21, 2019

Collège jean Moulin, Montreuil

Workshops at the secondary school Jean Moulin, Montreuil (93), led by Sébastien Ledig performer of the company Olivier Dubois.

Transmission workshop

Dec 3-8, 2018

Paolo Grassi School, Milan

Transmission of the solo “L’après-midi d’un faune” (The Afternoon of a Faun) of Nijinski led by Olivier Dubois and Cyril Accorsi with the students from the Paolo Grassi school in Milan.

Transmission workshop

Nov 19 - 30, 2018

Les Teintureries, Lausanne

Transmission workshop “The dancing actor” (“L’acteur dansant”) led by Cyril Accorsi and Olivier Dubois from “Les fausses confidences” by Marivaux

Tragédie Extended

Nov 19-23, 2018

Lycée Charles de Gaulle

Tragedy Workshop for 10 students of the final year of secondary school – option Dance from Lycée Charles de Gaulle in Rosny-sous-Bois. Artistic practice workshops conducted by Sandra Savin, performer of the Olivier Dubois Company, duration 24 hours, ended by a performance.

Auguri Extended

oct - nov 2018

Lycée Jean Moulin, Montreuil

Workshops led by Sébastien Ledig, dancer of the company Olivier Dubois.Workshops lasting 10 hours, followed by a performance, for secondary school students option dance.