IN CORPORE Bruxelles

The 22nd and 23rd of october, TicTac Art Centre Bruxelles

From 10am to 4pm

In Corpore is a pedagogical program developed by Olivier Dubois and his team.

Seeking a body in consciousness and in action through stability/instability, twisting of the body, explosiveness, a supple and toned spine. A musical body, structured and earthy, where the work of memorizing a score and the development of the singularity of the performer are closely linked.

This Masterclass will begin with a 1h30 lesson given by Sarah Lutz, dancer of the company and followed by a workshop with Olivier Dubois.

The workshop will focus on different ranges of explorations, as a rite of passage towards the incarnation of a theatrical Dubois’ body :

  • Integration of a complex choreographic score
  • Stamina
  • Self and the group
  • Metamorphosis

« Metamorphosis» as Olivier Dubois often refers to, is a person’s transformation into a dancing being, both glorious and vulnerable.

And this metamorphosis involves the diversion of previously learnt skills, in order to reconquer a skillful wildness, where essential technique serves the instinct.


This Masterclass is the opportunity for Olivier Dubois to meet new dancers for his next creation.


Informations :

For professional dancers or dancers following professional training

Price : 130 € for the week-end

Regarding the space available and to allow an enriching educational exchange, a selection on CV is essential.

Please send your CV at:    before October 14, 2022


A confirmation will be sent to participate at the Masterclass

In order to guarantee a certain number of interpreters, the payment of the 130€ must be made in the days following the confirmation.