Des détenus de la prison de Fresnes sont sur le plateau du théâtre de l'Odéon et découvrent la salle


fresnes on stage

Tuesday march 7th 20h / Odéon 6e
Friday march 24th 20h / Malakoff scène nationale

Rage and mystery

Far from prudence, alongside René Char and Lautréamont, we will try to penetrate an unknown zone where poetry would be, for a moment, sovereign. Djino Sabin and Elsa Agnès

Since January 2023, Djino Sabin, dancer of the company and the actress Elsa Agnès lead a workshop of artistic practice for a group of 12 prisoners in the penitentiary center of Fresnes.

This workshop is part of the mediation actions of the company. Djino Sabin, performer on the piece Souls, is inspired by the choreographic language of Olivier Dubois.

Nourished by the practices and know-how of the two speakers, these workshops invite the participants to tell their stories through dance and stage work.

Within the framework of two leaves of absence, the group will present the fruit of this work on the stage of the Odéon on Tuesday March 7 at 8 pm and then at Malakoff scène nationale on Friday March 24 at 8 pm.
A restitution within the penitentiary is planned on March 6.

Since 2016, the Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe has been collaborating with the Fresnes penitentiary and the Val-de-Marne probation service, offering a group of inmates the opportunity to learn about theater under the guidance of artists. Each season, a new project is presented at the Théâtre de l’Odéon 6e. For the first time this season, the Odéon is partnering with Malakoff scène nationale. The workshops are in partnership with the company MidiMinuit and the company Olivier Dubois.

In partnership with the Val-de-Marne prison service, L’Odéon, théâtre de l’Europe, Malakoff scène nationale and the company MidiMinuit

with the support of the Fondation Sophie Rochas and the Fondation de France

Différents logos des partenaires de fresnes sur scène, ministère de la justice, SPIP 94 (service pénitentiaire d'insertition et de probation), Fondation de france, Fondation sophie rochas, Malakoff scène nationale

Tragédie new edit en

On tour

Tragédie new edit

The 22nd of february, festival equilibrio, Rome
The 16th of march, Théâtre Paul Eluard, Bezons
The 28th of march, La Scène nationale, Orléans
The 15th, 16th and 17th of may, CENTQUATRE, Paris

Ten years after its première, this choreographic poem has been rewritten by Olivier Dubois for eighteen performers. The new take propels the viewer into the “feeling of the world” with the same power. Dizzying and chaotic. On giant percussion instruments, in an incessant ebb and flow, the great cycle of life is played out, made and unmade. It is humanity seen as a palimpsest, written upon, erased and written upon once again… An unending quest!


Creation 2018 – on tour

My body of coming forth by day

On march 18 – Racconigi (Italy)
On march 19 – Cueno (Italy)
On march 22 – Naples (Italy)
On march 31, april 1st and 2nd – Théâtre 14, Paris
On april 5 and 6  – Scène nationale de Malakoff
On june 1st and 2nd – Parc Explor Wendel, Forbach

Twelve years after bringing his first choreography to the stage, Olivier Dubois delivers an intimate solo that explores the recesses of the body’s memory and its ability to tell us the (hi)story of his art.

IN CORPORE Bruxelles


IN CORPORE Bruxelles

The 22nd and 23rd of october, TicTac Art Centre Bruxelles

From 10am to 4pm

In Corpore is a pedagogical program developed by Olivier Dubois and his team.

Seeking a body in consciousness and in action through stability/instability, twisting of the body, explosiveness, a supple and toned spine. A musical body, structured and earthy, where the work of memorizing a score and the development of the singularity of the performer are closely linked.

This Masterclass will begin with a 1h30 lesson given by Sarah Lutz, dancer of the company and followed by a workshop with Olivier Dubois.

The workshop will focus on different ranges of explorations, as a rite of passage towards the incarnation of a theatrical Dubois’ body :

  • Integration of a complex choreographic score
  • Stamina
  • Self and the group
  • Metamorphosis

« Metamorphosis» as Olivier Dubois often refers to, is a person’s transformation into a dancing being, both glorious and vulnerable.

And this metamorphosis involves the diversion of previously learnt skills, in order to reconquer a skillful wildness, where essential technique serves the instinct.


This Masterclass is the opportunity for Olivier Dubois to meet new dancers for his next creation.


Informations :

For professional dancers or dancers following professional training

Price : 130 € for the week-end

Regarding the space available and to allow an enriching educational exchange, a selection on CV is essential.

Please send your CV at:    before October 14, 2022


A confirmation will be sent to participate at the Masterclass

In order to guarantee a certain number of interpreters, the payment of the 130€ must be made in the days following the confirmation.

itmahrag en

Itmahrag Création 2021
© François Stemmer

New creation


On October 15, 2021 • One dance week Festival • Plovdiv

Living for many years between Paris and Cairo, Olivier Dubois formulates for the first time a singular vision of today’s Egypt: Itmahrag invites us to dive into the heart of a dance that Dubois describes as ‘incendiary’.

« A dance of fire, the fire that turns your blood red, that scares you, that often burns and always warms you. »


Itmahrag - Compagnie Olivier Dubois - Création 2021
© Mossab el Shamy

New creation


Premiere on January 29, 2021 • la Filature • Mulhouse

Living for many years between Paris and Cairo, Olivier Dubois formulates for the first time a singular vision of today’s Egypt: Itmahrag invites us to dive into the heart of a dance that Dubois describes as ‘incendiary’.

« A dance of fire, the fire that turns your blood red, that scares you, that often burns and always warms you. »


© Marta Ankiersztejn

“souls”, the film

creation 2013

directed by Tommy Pascal

produced by Les films Jack Fébus

‘Through death, I affirm my life.

A slow and tiring crossing … The journey of our souls.
Harbingers of my being life-givers and already revealing my death.
Souls may be seen as a long dance of death, unless it is the dance of a secret organisation: of destiny of fate … of determinism ?
This death as the soul of the world’

Olivier Dubois

“Auguri”, documentary

auguri documentary

Produced by Les films Jack Fébus

Directed by Tommy Pascal

In 2016, Olivier Dubois creates “Auguri”, the final piece in his cycle Etude critique pour un trompe-l’oeil (Critical study for a Trompe L’oeil). It completes the trilogy created the past seven years with Révolution (2009), Rouge (2011) and Tragédie (2012).

During your quarantine, COD invites you to (re) discover this play through the documentary directed by Tommy Pascal and produced by Les films Jacks Fébus.




Due to the measures taken by the government, the shows “My body of coming forth by day” at the Monfort Theater in Paris on April 3, 4 & 5 April and  on April 11 at the Belgrade Dance Festival are canceled. Our outreach workshops, especially “Envers et Face à tous” project, are also suspended.

We will inform you of any new dates for these shows. Our thoughts and sympathy are with all the international and French theaters, festivals, companies and artists impacted.



Photo François Stemmer

New Creation – On Tour


A new creation by Olivier Dubois, Tropismes is the third part of the project led by the choreographer around The Divine Comedy. Driven by the momentum of an irrepressible desire for life, the piece unfolds like a ballroom for two hours with a constant intensity and produces a real electrification of space. 

My Black Chosen One & To our fauns

Mon Élue Noire - Sacre #2 2015 0livier Dubois

My Black Chosen One & To our fauns

May 23 & 24, 2019 from 8 pm • Orsay Museum

In December 2014, Sacre 2 is created with the great dancer/ choreographer, Germaine Acogny, the mythical “chosen one” of Maurice Béjart, who never danced this particular work. It was for this 70 year old queen that Olivier Dubois created this new Sacre,  drawing from the depths of her African soul to create a new, compelling vision of the work.


nuit blanche olivier dubois


Le corps aimant

March 30 • MuCEM • Marseille

In partnership with Sciences Po Aix

Interactive performance led by COD interpreters in different areas of the museum. A danced performance, a poetic invasion of the urban space by the muffled power of the entwined bodies. To look at each other, to approach, to kiss, to embrace each other, to wear oneself, to seize oneself and then to quit … DANCE.

The participants will intervene randomly in a duet in the space of Mucem, before assembling within a big slow that will be danced every hour, transforming the museum into a huge dance floor.