Descente Sauvage de Olivier Dubois 2017 Alexandrie

wild descent

On 13, 14 & 15 August 2020
every evening around 8 p.m., final performances on the 13th at the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, on the 14th at the Jardin du Palais Royal and on the 15th at the Parc de Belleville

According to Nijinsky’s Afternoon of a Faun, Wild Descent is a takeover of public space by a horde of fauns; an urban mythology

1912, Nijinsky creates the Afternoon of a Faun in Paris.

Over a hundred years later, this fauna has been transmitted, as if reproduced. He has multiplied. And yet, it still remains inaccessible, as if we had built an artistic reserve.

What if these fauns escaped, spread throughout the city like a wild descent.

Imagine, a fauna lying in the corner of a street, sitting on a terrace, on a bench … then 3 fauns behind the window of a shop, 5 fauns on the Place de la République and finally 9 fauns who meet at the nightfall on the grass of a city park. Debussy’s music resounds and together these fauns appear, unfold and dance.

This fauna which disturbs nothing and displaces everything. An urban mythology takes shape!

Olivier Dubois


with the support of la Ville de Paris and the Drac IDF as part of the “mois d’août de la culture”