In Corpore

In Corpore

Olivier Dubois Technique
Training for professional dancers


Olivier Dubois & Cyril Accorsi

in collaboration with

Marie-Laure Caradec

Karine Girard

Sébastien Ledig

Sandra Savin

Régie générale

François Caffenne


Compagnie Olivier Dubois


Karine Girard, artistic and educational coordinator

06 14 26 67 83  mé


Marie-Laure Caradec

Karine Girard

Sébastien Ledig

Sandra Savin


– 2-hour technical class
– weekend-long workshop
– intensive training over the course of a week or two.

Targeted audience

Professional dancers or dancers following professional training (max 25)

For 13 years, Olivier Dubois has offered a unique approach to dance in the choreographic landscape, both nation-wide and abroad; the journey of a performing choreographer.

From his first soli, where he set the foundation for his choreographic writing, to his group pieces such as Revolution(2009) or Tragedie (2012), the transformation to a body that we’ll call “Duboissien” was the work of a direct transmission by Olivier to the dancers throughout the course of various creations. As of today, this “Dubois” technique is clearly identifiable in each of the performers who danced one or more shows of the company’s repertoire.

“The metamorphosis”, as Olivier Dubois often refers to, is a person’s transformation into a dancing being, both glorious and vulnerable.

And this metamorphosis involves the hijacking of previously learnt skills, in order to reconquer a skilful wildness, where indispensable technique serves the instinct.

In Corpore seeks to uncover the long process towards “Dubois” corporeality. This specific way of teaching comes in different formats:
-a 2-hour technical class
-a weekend-long workshop
-an intensive training over the course of a week or two.

A typical workshop day is divided in 2: in the morning, we’ll be following a series of technical exercises, meant to reinforce the muscles and enhance the body’s perception of the fundamental concepts of Olivier Dubois’ dance: the relationship to music, to space, visual acuity and the constant hammering of the earth.

The aim is to bring forth a musical, structured, and grounded body.

Then, conducted as a rite of passage towards the incarnation of a theatrical Dubois’ body, we will explore the following notions:

Integration of a complex choreographic score
Self and the group
A rebellious body, alive and constantly looking for an elsewhere.

Finally, the time to perform has arrived, where all the skills learnt throughout the In Corpore course are embodied:
The unknown of the present moment, here and now, where the immediacy and urgency of the situation forge the body according to the physical and mental turbulences demanded by the piece.

The revealing of a dancing and thinking performer, that is the adventure that In Corpore offers.