creation 2024

Memory of a Lady

Nine years after Memory of a Lord, an iconic piece depicting the solitude of a fallen tyrant, Olivier Dubois creates a feminine version. This new vision of power is performed by a female dancer and 40 amateur female dancers. This creation is in response to a proposal from a group of women who took part in a project for amateurs (Tragédie Extended en Val d’Oise) and who expressed to Olivier Dubois their desire to see Memory of a Lord performed exclusively by women. And so it has finally come to pass.
In 2015, the men’s version of this plunge into the arcanes of power pitted a tyrant against his people, a lone body against a moving crowd. Exaltation, terror and paranoia succeeded one another in a dizzying crescendo and a series of tableaux as reminiscent of ancient tragedy as Shakespearean drama. Today, the Queen is solitary, Elizabethan or Amazonian, witch or world-mother. Marie-Laure Caradec, a partner with the company since Faune(s) in 2008, will interpret this woman of a thousand faces and a thousand stories.


Olivier Dubois

Artistique assistant

Cyril Accorsi

Creation assistant

Karine Girard


Marie-Laure Caradec


40 amatrices


François Caffenne

Lightning design

Emmanuel Gary

Technical director

François Michaudel


60 minutes


Compagnie Olivier Dubois



Théâtre le Carreau – Scène Nationale

Kinneksbond – Centre culturel de Mamers (Luxembourg)

Perhaps it’s the story of a queen, of an immense loneliness.

Of an obscure warrior and a glorious woman.

Three eras intertwined:


The Glory

Solar time :

power, vision, insurrection.

The world, women and love.

She sweats, she burns, she lives.

A female heroine.


The fall

Lunar time :

power, cruelty, terror.

The world, human beings and civilization.

Fright and tremblings.

The despot.


The Farewell

It’s the swan song and the abandonment.

It’s the humanity in hiding.

She is star, grave, dream and disappearance.

She sings.

Marie-Laure Caradec Mémoire d'une seigneure
(C) François Stemmer