création 2024

For gods only . Sacre#3

Solo created for Marie-Agnès Gillot

Creation and design

Olivier Dubois


Marie-Agnès Gillot

Creative assistant

Cyril Accorsi


François Caffenne

Lighting design

Emmanuel Gary

Technical Director

François Michaudel


50 minutes


Compagnie Olivier Dubois

Les Visiteurs du Soir


To be determined

Olivier Dubois once again responds to the Sacre’s call. After Germaine Accogny in 2014. With For gods only, he repeats this time with a declaration of love to étoile dancer Marie-Agnès Gillot.
This is the continuation of the Sacre(s) du Printemps collection, a dissection that he proposes, to uncover more about the ghosts of this piece.

Becoming a legend,
It means being robbed of one’s tomorrow, one’s farewell, one’s disappearance
It means being dispossessed of one’s destiny
It means becoming a museum of yourself. A gallery of a permanent collection of your life’s work
It’s a coma of the living !
It’s the stillness of life without death, it’s being eternally gone.
I see Diana the Huntress without game, I see Marilyn without a dress, Callas without a voice, a samurai, without the honour of combat
It’s a star that shines, simply because the one looking at it knows only one thing about it, that it’s a star… and that’s enough!
From star to black hole, a story of time!

No longer climbing, no longer falling, no longer shouting, no longer moaning, no longer laughing… To be legendary as if dead!

There is no change in it, no shadow of variation. She is not a process in the making. It is an eternal, fixed being… with no succession, no descendants.
It is a mythological beast that we venerate and that tells the story of our times.

Through our legends, we are once again creating a mythological corpus… Perhaps because we still need to give meaning to our History, like the reassuring landmarks of our contemporary civilisations.

By freezing new idols in time, we pace our time, immortalising those who eternally embody our memories, our fantasies and our desires for the infinite.
Perhaps it’s the unconscious fighting against our own mortality, and even worse, that of our species.

Divin(e), too divine(s)
And then..,
I imagine Marie-Agnès as a samurai, seated. She waits, we watch her
All around them, heads, laid down, impaled. Trophies of her battles, museum of our modern gods?
She dances,
She dances her Sacre, the sacrifice of life for the eyes of the world, so that they can finally look their disappearing worlds in the face!

And then perhaps some sweetness, some Ambrosia, that wild honey, food of the gods…

Olivier Dubois

Portrait Marie-Agnès Gillot For gods only (c) James Bort
Marie-Agnès Gillot (c) James Bort