Creation 2010


Created for “Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo”
First on the 1st April 2010, Grimaldi Forum Monaco

Olivier Dubois

Creation Assistant

Cyril Accorsi & Anouk Berenguer


Carl-Maria von Weber, François Caffenne


Patrick Riou


Olivier Dubois


Jean-Michel Lainé, Olivier Dubois


Michel Roudtniska

Duration of the show

30 minutes

In collaboration with ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival and Parfums de Grasse
Created for Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo
Premiered on 1 April 2010, Grimaldi Forum Monaco

After Le Spectre de la rose (The Spirit of the Rose)

‘Looking at the hidden side of Le Spectre de la rose and revealing the trying journey of those who carry the spectre. How to carry the burden of memory, lift the beauty of days gone by and allow the spectre/desire to appear? Giving each and everyone the opportunity to perceive their own spectre and take it with them!’
Olivier Dubois

This Spectre was created in collaboration with Michel Roudnitska, the ‘nose’ of perfume maker Grasse. The narrative of the ballet piece (a girl who falls asleep fantasising about the scent of a rose she took home from a ball) is thus turned into a history of scents evoking memories and desires.
Dubois’s collaboration with the Ballets de Monte-Carlo marks the first time the choreographer works with a classical company. But where does this Spectre come from? What obstacles did he have to overcome before jumping out of the window? Dubois’s show lets spectators discover the gruelling journey of these men who carry spirits, carry desire . . . and gives everyone a chance to witness the appearance of this spectre. This fusion of dance and perfume is a unique collaboration in the history of ballet, inspired by the Ballets Russes.

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