Creation 2011


Creation December 2011
Artdanthé • Théâtre de Vanves
Creation & Interpretation

Olivier Dubois


Army Red Choirs

Musical Creation

François Caffenne


Patrick Riou

Set Design

Marc Labourguigne


Marianne Briand

Light and Sound Coordination

François Caffenne

Duration of the show

50 minutes


Compagnie Olivier Dubois


L’Apostrophe Scène nationale de Cergy-Pontoise et du Val d’Oise, La rose des vents Scène nationale Lille Métropole à Villeneuve d’Ascq et Mâcon Scène Nationale

After Revolution, a piece satged in 2009, in which a female ensemble launched into an unstoppable, subversive march and where I wanted to make audible the sombre cry of resistance, Rouge (Red) must be seen as a solitary masculine reply that reveals the ‘Revolutionary Beast’.

Profoundly disturbed by these women, overwhelmed by the calls of freedom, by a world in search of dignity, it seemed important for me, as a male artist, to make this masculine, warlike, male echo heard … It’s a crossing the journey of a fighter, raising his shining sword.

With Revolution brought forth a song, a long trajectory, endurance, trembling, a moving body, stirring and pounding for the magma to carve, to become a song, this time it is about voicing the cry for freedom. From a deafening rumble to a song and finally to a cry, a sudden irruption, a bodily eruption!

The howling body. A message delivered in the name of hundreds of silenced voices; a voice carried by thousands of others, the voice of virile power, of conquest, of spilled blood, a vociferous cry …

The man gets back up, still shivering from the memories of his struggles.

Rouge is part of the project Etude critique pour un trompe l’œil (Critical Study for a Trompe l’œil) which explores what it means to be human.